When it comes to vision and dreams, I am pretty “modest.” All I wish for is a world living in peace, centered around a society based on mutual respect, learning, playing and working in harmony with Nature.


My approach to Martial Arts is almost entirely exploratory. I use the movements, the techniques, and the partner work involved, to explore Life, to engage in a study of human interaction, and eventually to learn mutual respect and tolerance as I become more adept at resolving conflicts rather than escalate them.


In that sense, for me, the philosophy of Martial Arts – particularly Aikido – is quite simple: the¬†ABC of Martial Arts¬†means “Attacks Become Conversations.

I believe that in this simple statement, lies a fundamental human quality, and also the essence of Aikido. In three simple words I can see an entire storyline of human connection. Everytime you will practice with me, this is the motto of my training.

Attacks Become Conversations.