Inner Path Dojo

There is an Inner Path Dojo in each and every one of us. For me, this inner space is about learning through movement, through the study of Martial Arts as they can be applied to my daily life. Yes, it involves combat skills, however, they have been…re-purposed. These skills are no longer studied and practiced to serve their initial combat function. Instead, movements, mindsets, strategies, training, and daily practice becomes a Way of Life, often invisible to the eyes of the world.


Each step taken, is a shift in weight. Each breath, can trigger inner processes to be used for navigating the stream of moments we call Life. Each turn, each thought, each intention – all of it, can be a part of training. So Inner Path Dojo, is merely an expression; a label, a linguistic bridge on which you and I – all of us – can meet and explore together.


In essence, it is the inner school each one attends in every moment.


Two PathsThis blog, this virtual creation of words and images, is a reflection of my Path. Read, watch, listen – contemplate and then pick what you find useful for yourself. Explore it, experiment with it, and make it yours if it serves your life. Our Paths may run next to each other for a while. We can learn from each other, and share our findings. But we must remember: the Inner Path Dojo is where your Power is sitting. We each walk this path alone. I must do my walking. You must do YOUR walking.

Like dolphins, we must soar and dive on our own. Let’s Play Together!