Experimental Explorations of Martial Arts:

The intention of this practice is to explore the transformative potential of Martial Arts in the context of conflict resolution.

This Adaptive Exploratory Program begins with the highest achievable level in Martial Arts – conflict resolution without the need for violent encounters. The practice explores the mechanics of learning, and how Martial Arts can be used as a gateway to our most innate instincts, and abilities, by providing concrete ways to retrain our nervous system and modify established movement patterns and mental/emotional/social behaviors.
Centered around the fundamental peacemaking principles of Aikido (The Art of Peace), and based on mutual respect, this program offers support by exploring practical, physiological tools to handle accumulated mental and emotional stress, providing students with the physical means to negotiate and eventually heal personal emotional and mental scars. Practice will incorporate techniques found in Okinawan Karate, Aikido, and Push Hands/Tai Chi.
No prior training necessary.

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