A Spiral Complete

A spiral has become complete. Over 35 years ago, a young boy full of piss and vinegar yet still very sweet and full of dreams, met his first Sensei, in the silence of the night. And that moment, became a journey like no other, where Martial Arts turned into a permanent companion, a safe place, a sanctuary of sorts, an inner space of power to be drawn upon, at will.

As the spiral of time moved on, so did the philosophy of acquiring skill, and eventually, the practice of Martial Arts became that boy’s most cherished passion – a learning journey full of treasures waiting to be discovered and shared with others. 

Fast-forward Life to a moment – some 35 years later – when this boy, now an adult with kids family and a long history of living, meets another boy – a boy just as troubled, maybe even more so. A boy just as full of dreams, and maybe even more so. The two meet, alone, in the silence of the night, and touch hands.


The “wow” moment belongs to both, and transmission begins. I look back into the past, both mine and his, and see the paths we took, the choices made, the life that happened. Me meet hands, and in that moment there is magic and the once again revelation that transmission goes both ways; that the teacher is always a student, and every student is a teacher.

Bogdan Heretoiu – The Journey is Living

October 2017, Notes from the Night

“A teacher is a student who teaches in order to continue his study.” (Mochizuki Minoru Sensei)